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We produce our own line of highly playable phone games and distribute them world wide through a network of distribution partners.
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MTB Rampage
Become the most famous mountain bike rider on the scene. Pedal down the hill as fast as you can and pull off the most insane stunts. Tour the world, visiting MTB events in Utah, Morocco and the Swiss Alps. Challenge real opponents in online time trials.
Band Quest
You’re Joe, the leader of a jolly good band. Tonight is your next show, but your band mates have been lost in town! Some are in real trouble, and won’t get out without your help. Your job is to find them before 10pm, in order to play the concert.
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Previous releases
Collect all flags in the maze, while being chased by the deadly Shiazus. Guide your character through many action-packed rounds with different mazes.
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Santa Panic
Santa's parcel-sorting system got badly out of control. Help him get his bags 
organised before Xmas by solving the 25 mind-bending and action-packed levels..
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Watch out for...
Your favourite puzzle game offering 10 easy, 10 medium, 10 hard and 10 very hard puzzles. This version of the game has some nice features, like the auto mode (displays automatically all possible candidates for all cells), filter mode, undo, downloading new puzzles over the air, and providing hints when stuck.
Laundry Madness
As a women you might well know this problem. Your bloke doesn't seem to have a clue of how to do the laundry. Buy him this game and stop accepting lame excuses.
Free Demos & Free Games
You want to try before you buy? If yes, just check out our free demos on (Flash plug-in required) or visit the wap site directly from your phone.
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