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Denkzone believes the goal of consulting is to enable your company to achieve the required level of self-sufficiency in the most cost-effective way. Our consultants have specific experiences in:

  • Requirements Capturing, Management and Traceability

  • MDA-based development

  • Object Model Construction and Simulation

  • Object-oriented Analysis, Design and Programming

  • Development of Mobile Applications

Our consultants are able to work effectively with the project team to transfer their expertise.  They are conversant with the latest advances in the method and tool support and have a thorough experience in the realities of project development. Therefore they understand the need to make "intelligent compromises".

When should you use our consultants?

The adoption of any new method involves the risk that the project will not have the right skills available at the right time. This risk can be managed by putting in place tailored, cost-effective consulting support.

Return on investment

Over time, within an organisation, in house expertise will be developed, leading to decreasing amounts of external training and consulting required. The addionally acquired expertise will lead to a more effective software development process. To find out more about the consulting support we can offer your business, contact

To give you an idea of the support Denkzone can offer to your company please refer to our projects page.

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