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To give an impression of what kind of support Denkzone can offer to your company, we have listed a selection of projects below.

UML modelling  of compliance requirements

The introduction of effective measures against money laundry has a vast impact on the existing processes of most financial institutes. The legal requirements have to be conseqently implemented into business processes and software. With UML-based business models it is possible to specify requirements unmistakebly with formal precision - an advantage that pays off especially in compliance projects. Denkzone has supported a leading Swiss financial institute in the modelling of anti-money-laundry requirements. Modellers and business engineers that have used this technique for the first time have been coached by Denkzone.

UML modelling of  finance products

Within the scope of a migration project our customer modelled the business rules of its foreign exchange and money market business areas using UML. Denkzone helped to build the UML-based business model and trained the customers employees.

Development of a tailored modelling tool

One of our customers ordered a tailored modelling-tool from a tool vendor. During an important development phase Denkzone helped in the technical supervision of the tool development. 

Web-based computer game

The task was to create a web-based computer game with a railway-theme. Denkzone was responsible for concept and implementation ot the game.


Denkzone helped one of our customers to build a specific management-tool aiding the customer in designing their products.

Training concept 

Our customer offered a training program for the requalification of its employees in the area of object-oriented software engineering. Denkzone developed the training concept and won eduswiss as a competent training partner. 

3-Tier application with CORBA

Our customer, a telecom provider, developed an application for the management or phone numbers and phone extensions. Java and Corba (Orbix) where the technologies used. Denkzone helped with Java development and at the same time trained introduced the customers it-staff to the new technologies.

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