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Getting close to the customer

With mobile applications you can get real close to your customers. No other technology will let your customers stay in contact with you from any place at any time. Allowing mobile-access to your services now, will make you and your brand stay ahead. 

In order to ensure success of your applications several things have to be considered. Mobile devices with small displays, tiny keyboards, little memory, and low performance together with the fast changing variety of models, make it difficult to enter the promising market. Therefore it is important to carefully choose a suitable application, to ensure user-friendly implementation and seamless integration into your existing processes. Denkzone will support you in these matters.

Mobile applications development

Denkzone will provide you with a team of leading computer engineers, experienced J2ME MIDP developers and a network of talented visual artist. Applications can be tested on a large number of the latest mobile devices.

Marketing games

A growing number of companies and organizations use games as a marketing tool. A game that is fun to play and free can be an excellent way to carry a message to a huge audience. If you are a company requiring a game for marketing, denkzone would like to hear from you! We will assist you in finding the right tool for your promotional campaign. denkzone can provide a variety of options, ranging from simple mobile games to integrated web and mobile based applications.

An own product line for mobile phone games 

Not so long ago, denkzone started to produce its own line of games for mobile phones. For more information, please refer to our products page.
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