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The Band Quest
You’re Joe, the leader of a jolly good band. Tonight is your next show, but your band mates have been lost in town! Some are in real trouble, and won’t get out without your help. Your job is to find them before 10pm, in order to play the concert.
But watch out! Your supporting act, being jealous of your headliner status, will try to prevent you from succeeding. You may encounter further trouble on your quest, like police patrols, psycho fans, puritan 12-tone street musicians and other dangers. You will face various puzzles and stunts while trying to find and - if necessary - free your fellows.
After a successful concert you travel to the next town (i.e. the next level). Unfortunately your hopeless band mates get themselves into trouble again, and you’ll have to fight through a couple more towns, which keep getting more difficult.
end of game
The game ends, if you don’t manage to find all your band mates before 10pm, or if you get beaten up three times by the supporting act guys.
The faster you finish a level, the more money you get, since your band has more time for rehearsal before the concert, which results in a better performance on stage. Bonus money can be earned e.g. by playing the guitar in the streets.
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special features
different themes
To make the game more attractive to different target groups, the game will offer the possibility to choose the theme of the game from different music styles, like rock’n’roll, hip hop, heavy metal, punk, girl group, gothic, country, techno, reggae, funk and folklore. Depending on your selection, characters and surroundings will have according looks.
unlocking downloadable ringtones
If you’ve collected enough money during a game (i.e. you scored well), you are awarded a downloadable ringtone, which varies according to the selected music style. Either the download is initiated automatically by the application, or you are given a code, which enables you to download the ringtone at a later date via Internet.
You start by selecting your music style. You will be placed in a world much larger than the screen. You move your character around with the cursor keys / joystick, while some other keys will trigger special moves (see below). On the lower right corner of the screen there is a small radar showing the immediate neighbour regions of the scrolling window, which helps you recognize upcoming danger.
The members of your enemy band will try to catch you and knock you out with their instruments. If they manage to do so three times, you’re sent to the hospital and have to quit the game. So the most important thing is to keep clear of those guys.
You have to look for your buddies by searching the streets and special locations, like bars, police stations or garbage cans. Some band members can be “freed” by just meeting up with them, without any further action, while others find themselves at locations, which require you to solve a puzzle or perform a special task or move.
Once you have found one of the band mates, he will walk by himself to the location, where you’re supposed to play your concert. After having freed all of them, you must join them to play the gig.
Then you move on to the next town, where your buddies get themselves into trouble again. In advanced levels, the band members will start losing their instruments somewhere in town, which means that you have to take care of those too!
examples of puzzles and special moves
  • Find means to distract your enemies, e.g. by dropping vouchers for free beer in your foes’ paths. Use them wisely!
  • Free an imprisoned friend by distracting the police officers by setting something on fire nearby.
  • Use a bass drum as a trampoline to reach higher places.
  • Find the right key for a door, which blocks your way to your friends.
  • Play guitar (find it first!) or sing in the streets to earn some money, which can be used later to bribe someone. Additionally your lousy playing will stun your enemies for a short while!
  • Use a skateboard temporarily to move on more quickly.
  • Open gullies act as instant transporting devices, which warp you to another gully in town. Use them yourself or make enemies fall into them.
  • Raise a dead former band member from his grave in the cemetery to chase away your foes.
examples of further trouble
  • Policemen may stop you for a short time to search you for drugs.
  • Fans will try to rip off your clothes while getting an autograph.
  • Puritan 12-tone street musicians will try to explain to you, why their music is better than yours.
All these troubles make you stop for a short time, allowing your enemies to catch up. So try to avoid them!
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